Name: Izanami
Physical | Fire | Ice | Electric | Wind | Light | Darkness | Almighty
         |      |     |          |      | Null  |   Null   |
Where to find: Yomotsu Hirasaka 9F


Difficulty- 6/10

Recommended Level- 75+

Personas- Bring along Trumpeter obecause of the Debilitate/Heat Riser
combo. Norn is also nice, since you don't really need Heat Riser.

Welcome to the first form of the true final boss. This is quite the
epic fight, with quite the epic music there to keep you going. [Epic!]
This fight, overall, is pretty straightforward. Izanami is strong, and
will often knock-off more than half of the whole party's hp with her
attacks. The fight is pretty easy, despite the amount of damage she
deals. As long as you keep up with Mediarahan every round, you should
be fine. When her hp gets around half, she'll start using Mind Charge
then Megidolaon very often. Make sure you guard, as it can wipe your
entire party out. Overall, it's a straightforward fight that's pretty
easy as long as you have someone cast Mediarahan every round. Again,
it's straightforward, but make sure you guard, or her Megidolaon can
seriously hurt.


Name: Izanami-no-Okami
Physical | Fire | Ice | Electric | Wind | Light | Darkness | Almighty
---------------------------------------------------------------------izanami no okami--
         |      |     |   Abs    |      | Null  |   Null   |
Where to find: Yomotsu Hirasaka 9F
Difficulty- 8/10

Recommended level 75+

Personas- Trumpeter for Heat Riser/Debilitate Combo. Any strong
personas with no weaknesses is good, as well. Yoshitsune,

This is the real Final Boss, and she's not holding anything back. She
has a wide variety of new attacks, and the package even includes double
turns. Her new moves are impressive, and this fight will be long enough
so that you get to see all of them.

First of all, let's review her new attacks. This isn't exactly a
special attack of hers, but she will rarely use Agneyastra, and it can
wipe out a character if it gets three hits. Her special attacks are
Kuro Ikazuchi, Fury of Yasogami, End of the World, Devil's Judgement,
and Summons to Yomi. Her first four special attacks are just special
names for your zio, agi, and bufu spells, accordingly. Devil's
Judgement is simply the dark version of God's Judgement. Summons to
Yomi will kill ANY characters in your party that have a status ailment
effecting them. She will usually use Foolish Whisper before using
Summons to Yomi. If she using Stagnant Air or Mind Charge, guard,
because she will use Foolish Whisper then Summons to Yomi to wipe out
most, if not your entire party. Izanami's true form also has access to
all -dyne and Ma-dyne spells. Not only that, but she can use
Debilitate, and all status skills. She also has Gargarian Eyes, and
will use it rarely.

To start off the battle, use Trumpeter or Norn with Debilitate. It
makes this fight much less challenging. Note that she absorbs zio
skills, so don't use any. If you don't have Debilitate, it's not a big
deal. The fight may just be a bit more challenging. If you're using
debilitate, make sure to renew it every time it wears off. Again,
whenever she uses Mind Charge or Power Charge, make sure to guard, as
her attacks may instantly wipe out your party. If you're using Yukiko
or Teddie, make them your main healer. This is because you always want
your characters to have max hp, as Izanami can be very unpredictable
with her double-turn. There isn't really much to this fight  except
keeping your hp at its maximum the whole time, and casting debilitate.
If possible, you'll want you use status boosters on your own party. If
playing on Expert Mode, you'll want to guard a lot. Just make sure
you're careful and watch your hp, as well as guarding when needed.

Don't forget that this is the real final boss. Unleash everything you
have on her... This includes your Somas, Magatamas, sp recovering
items, and all that good stuff. Your items won't carry over to New Game
+, so feel free to waste them. (But not to the point where you don't
have any in the end!)

When her hp gets to 0, she'll finish your party members off one by one.
It's not game over, however. You'll go through a few scenes, enabling
you to use Izanagi-no-Okami. Use the new skill Myriad Truths to finish
her off. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the best ending of the game.