|[HALO2] Enemies|

Let’s see here, not much of a difference from Halo 1 to Halo 2 to Halo
3 enemy wise. I believe from each of the Halo games, only three unique
enemies appeared, apart from bosses, and those were the Brute
Chieftains, Brutes, and Lurker Floods. Brutes were introduced in Halo
3, and I’m not entirely sure, but I also believe that Drones were
introduced in Halo 2, correct me if I’m wrong.

One of the bigger differences is that you will no longer be fighting
against Elites, they have joined your cause in Halo 3, as it was
implied at the end of Halo 2. Now to get on the road, the enemy guide
will include all of the following:

- Mission Appearances
- Weapons Used
- Difficulty from Halo 2 to Halo 3 (This will be based on Normal)
- Difficulty per Difficulty
- And a strategy and description of them

The two things I may be lacking in are the appearances of the enemy and
the weapons they use. Information regarding these topics will be highly

|[GRNT] Grunt|

Mission Appearances: Missions 1-7
Weapons Used: Plasma Pistol, Needler, Fuel Rod Cannon, Plasma Grenade
Difficulty Halo 2: 2/10
Difficulty Halo 3: 3/10
  Easy: 1/10
  Normal: 3/10
  Heroic: 5/10
  Legendary: 7/10
Description: Of course the grunts are our staple enemy in Halo 3. They
were, based on the scale, only difficult on Heroic and Legendary. Don’t
get me wrong, grunts are very easy to take down, but it can be tough to
take them down when they’re with a large pack of grunts. With less
shields and health than in Halo 2, you may have trouble surviving
rather than killing them. 

On another note, grunts have gained one special skill, and that’s pack
mentality. Packs of grunts are usually lead by a Brute and, if not, a
large pack of grunts will activate pack mentality. Once you kill the
brute or enough grunts, the remaining ones will begin fleeing crazily
or, if you’re lucky, take you with him. Grunts will attempt to commit
suicide by charging at you with two plasma grenades in hand. Deadly on
any difficulty no doubt.

The easiest way to kill grunts would be to hit them with a headshot.
Grunts have such big heads, it’s not very hard to kill them, any weapon
will do. They’ll die from one hit anyways. The second way to kill them
would be to throw a grenade at them, easy kill, plus you get to see an
explosion. And my final way is to melee them. It may take another hit
in Legendary, but they’re easy stuff to take down.

|[JCKL] Jackal|

Mission Appearances: Mission 1 and 2 (Need some information here)
Weapons Used: Plasma Pistol, Carbine, Beam Rifle, Plasma Grenade
Difficulty in Halo 2: 3/10
Difficulty in Halo 3: 5/10
  Easy: 3/10
  Normal: 5/10
  Heroic: 7/10
  Legendary: 9/10
Description: Jackals are a pain in the ass to kill. The first reason is
that since shields have been weakened, a couple plasma hits are bad for
you. And the second reason is that Jackals are usually positioned as
snipers in most of the levels they appear in. And one Beam Rifle hit in
Legendary is a one hit kill, so watch your back.

The best way to kill Jackals from afar would be with any weapon with a
fairly long range scope, such as a battle rifle or carbine. Jackals are
as weak as grunts in the way as only a few shots will do it for them.
The best way to kill a Jackal up close would be to either melee them or
use a plasma weapon to break their shield, following by a bullet or
melee attacking them, both strategies work effectively.

|[BRTE] Brute|

Mission Appearances: Missions 1-7
Weapons Used: Dual Spikers, Brute Shot, Dual Maulers, Spike Grenade,
Firebomb Grenade
Difficulty in Halo 2: 4/10
Difficulty in Halo 3: 5/10
  Easy: 4/10
  Normal: 5/10
  Heroic: 7/10
  Legendary: 9/10
Description: Brute’s make their appearance in the Halo series once
again, but this time, posing a larger threat to you. Originally, Brutes
were only an underling of the Prophets. They fought against the
Covenant and won, but only in brute strength, as their name implies.
Well, Brutes are stronger in Halo 3 than they are in Halo 2, but they
are much easier to kill in Halo 3. One reason is because they only take
two hits to kill in normal and lower. Two melees can do it, but it can
be dangerous getting close to a Brute since they melee as well. Also,
Brutes will berserk once their armor is taken down, so keep in mind
that when they attack when berserked, they can be deadly, no matter
what difficulty you’re on.

Brutes are a different story on Legendary, as are all enemies. They
come with improved defenses and way stronger attacks, meaning one melee
is fatal. Also take in mind that Brutes can lay Bubble Shields,
regardless of difficulty, and also control the Pack Mentality aspect of
Grunts, so taking a Brute down first is a logical strategy.

The best strategy to killing a brute, however, would be to melee attack
them on any difficulty below Heroic, so basically Easy and Normal.
Beyond those, aiming for their heads and taking cover when necessary is
a good idea. Sniper Rifles are effective weapons from afar, but if you
have to get close, grenades and shotguns are your best offer.

|[BRTE2] Brute Chieftain|

Mission Appearances: Missions 1-7
Weapons Used: Gravity Hammer
Difficulty in Halo 2: N/A
Difficulty in Halo 3: 6/10
  Easy: 4/10
  Normal: 6/10
  Heroic: 9/10
  Legendary: 10/10
Description: The leader of the brutes. They come heavily equipped in
armor stronger than brutes, and come with the brand new weapon, the
Gravity Hammer. Deadly on every difficulty. Even more fatal on
Legendary. Keep in mind that after many waves of brutes, usually one
Brute Chieftain is at the end.

Keep in mind that a Brute Chieftain’s Berserk is far more deadly than a
regular Brutes. As they become invincible while they berserk. You can
identify this by the white streaks running down their armor. Brutes
Chieftain’s can also lay down Regenerators which will rapidly restore
the shields of all who enter it, including you.

When it comes down to killing a Brute Chieftain, close quarters combat
is not a smart thing. It’s smarter to grab a weapon with a scope, or
that is somewhat accurate and take it down from afar. If it does come
to close quarters, shotguns are your best choice. Do not throw plasma
grenades, however, they cannot stick to their armor. Spike Grenades can

|[DRNE] Drone|

Mission Appearances: Missions 2 and 7
Weapons Used: Plasma Pistol
Difficulty in Halo 2: 3/10
Difficulty in Halo 3: 3/10
  Easy: 2/10
  Normal: 3/10
  Heroic: 5/10
  Legendary: 6/10
Description: Drones. The most hated enemy in any game, ever. These
insect like creatures swarm in packs ten times worse than a grunt’s
pack. Expect hell from these guys. One upside to these guys, they are
far more fragile than a grunt. Almost one shot will do it on any

Alright, the one special thing I can spot from a drone is that they
will never travel alone. Anytime you encounter a drone, more are to
come unless you already killed the rest. They are susceptible to
explosions, since they usually bunch together, use this to your

If you’re close, hit them with a grenade, rocket launcher, or brute
shot. Grenades are less effective though because drones are always on
the move. If you’re far away, use a battle rifle or carbine. Either can
kill them very fast.

|[FLOD] The Flood|

The Flood have to be broken down into four parts, because the flood
come in many different shapes and sizes. Apart from that, the one word
that be described of the flood are easy to kill, but the levels you
play them on are annoying as hell. Almost every mission you confront
the flood on, you’ll be alone. So it’s best to play the hardest flood
level, Cortana, with a buddy. Especially if you want to attempt in on

|[FLD1] Infection Form|

Mission Appearances: Missions 5, 7, 8, and 9
Weapons Used: N/A
Difficulty in Halo 2: 0/10
Difficulty in Halo 3: 0/10
  Easy: 0/10
  Normal: 0/10
  Heroic: 1/10
  Legendary: 2/10
Description: The most basic form of the flood. They are they ones who
can infect dead bodies to bring them back as a flood counterpart. So it
is vital to kill these tiny ones first and break down dead flood

Other than that, these guys are really easy to kill, they even kill
themselves when they hit you. But using you’re assault rifle will make
things better for you, because on Legendary, the infection forms can
deal a lot of damage because there are so many of them, so try and kill
them when they get close instead of ignoring them.

|[FLD2] Combat Form|

Mission Appearances: Missions 5, 7, 8, and 9
Weapons Used: All of them
Difficulty in Halo 2: 4/10
Difficulty in Halo 3: 6/10
  Easy: 4/10
  Normal: 6/10
  Heroic: 7/10
  Legendary: 8/10
Description: The second level of the flood evolution. These flood forms
take on the forms of a dead elite or marine. They can use any weapon
they get their hands on, except grenades. They are tough, but fragile.
So killing them is easy. They usually jump at you to get close, and
then begin unloading. So kill them when you can, they’re very reckless.

When confronted by flood, an energy sword is usually given to you early
on, so use this every time, for two reasons. It’s a one hit kill and it
breaks down bodies. And two, these use up very little charges from you
energy sword, apart from normal enemies which usually take 10 away.

|[FLD3] Carrier Form|

Mission Appearances: Missions 5, 7, 8, and 9
Weapons Used: N/A
Difficulty in Halo 2: 4/10
Difficulty in Halo 3: 4/10
  Easy: 3/10
  Normal: 4/10
  Heroic: 5/10
  Legendary: 6/10
Description: The only thing that separates these flood from the rest of
the crowd is the fact that they don’t fight. They will come close to
you and explode, causing fatal splash damage, and the infection forms
they release can finish you quickly.

Shoot them afar to trigger their explosion, and they shoot the tiny
ones to finish them off. Firebomb Grenades work wonders here though, as
they kill the carriers and burn the incoming infection forms.

|[FLD4] Brute/Lurker Forms|

Mission Appearances: Missions 5, 7, 8, and 9
Weapons Used: N/A
Difficulty in Halo 2: N/A
Difficulty in Halo 3: 5/10
  Easy: 4/10
  Normal: 5/10
  Heroic: 7/10
  Legendary: 9/10
Description: The newest form of flood to join the fray. The one thing
that can get on your nerves, is that these forms can morph into a
brute, increasing their toughness and melee attacks, and back into a
lurker. Which are spiders that fire spikes at you. They are very
annoying. But you would think that they shoot things, they are similar
to regular combat forms. Wrong, they shoot at a much faster rate of
fire, and they can stick to walls, decreases your chances to hit them.

Strike down these annoying flood with your energy sword in brute form,
and use a sniper rifle or any long range weapon in lurker form.
Grenades and shotguns are also effective. Only use your shotgun,
however, on lurkers that are close enough to shoot at. Brutes can take
a few shotguns shots.

|[HNTR] Hunter|

Mission Appearances: Missions 4, 6, and 7
Weapons Used: Fuel Rod Gun
Difficulty in Halo 2: 6/10
Difficulty in Halo 3: 7/10
  Easy: 5/10
  Normal: 7/10
  Heroic: 9/10
  Legendary: 10/10
Description: The big ones in Halo 3, even bigger than brutes. They come
equipped with a fuel rod gun, different from the fuel rod cannon. As
the gun comes out in a stream, rather than one giant bullet. Hunters
always arrive in pairs, and their armor in completely unbreakable. They
come with only a few weak spots that are hard to expose.

Hunters have their trusty fuel rod gun in one hand, and a shield in
their other. Protecting one of their weak spots, their stomach. You can
hit them in the back if you can get behind them. Their other weak spot
is their neck. Maybe an easier target as it is not shielded, but it’s
much smaller, so maybe each spot evens out.

For killing these big guys, I like to use a sniper rifle, regardless of
range. To get behind them, simply get close to them so that they try
and melee you. Come around them while they’re still trying to melee you
to get a clear shot. Battle Rifles, Assault Rifles, Plasma Rifles, any
rifle works, but I find the sniper to be effective as it has the most
damage, and hunters are not very good for burst damage.

|[FRNR] Forerunners|

Mission Appearances: Mission 9
Weapons Used: Sentinel Beam
Difficulty in Halo 2: 1/10
Difficulty in Halo 3: 2/10
  Easy: 1/10
  Normal: 1/10
  Heroic: 2/10
  Legendary: 4/10
Description: The forerunners are back, still annoying too. They come
with the most useless weapon ever, the sentinel beam. They’re easy to
kill, but make sure on the last level not to get hit by them in mid
jump. They’ll flip over your warthog.

Killing these forerunners are easy stuff. Shoot them down with any
weapon. You don’t even need to fight any. They’ll have floods hitting
them too in the final level, so they’ll only target you in your car
drive. You don’t even need to kill them there.

|[GLTY] 343 Guilty Spark|

Mission Appearances: Mission 9
Weapons Used: Sentinel Beam
Difficulty in Halo 2: N/A
Difficulty in Halo 3: 2/10
  Easy: 1/10
  Normal: 2/10
  Heroic: 3/10
  Legendary: 5/10
Description: I knew that this scrap heat was bad in the beginning of
Halo. And he was. In Halo 1, he tried to take over the Pillar of
Autumn. But that’s why Halo 3 and Halo 1 are so much alike. He tries to
kill you, and you have a car drive at the end. Similarities,

His sentinel beam is charged up to the max. It almost looks like a
Spartan Laser, only bigger. It’s easy to avoid however. He only has two
attacks, his sentinel beam attack, and he has another one where he
begins to pull you towards him, and then lets you out. It’ll take down
your shields, but he can’t burst damage, so it’s overall useless.

The only weapon you get in this fight is a Spartan Laser received from
Johnson. And you would think it would be hard to kill him because of
the lack of accuracy. But Guilty Spark rarely moves. It only takes a
few charges to kill him, so I can say that this boss fight was
disappointing in the end.

|[SPTN] Spartan|

Well, here you are. The lowly Spartan, growing on the ranks of the Xbox
Live Leaderboards. Here are some of the easier strategies of winning
within Xbox Live.

- Shotgun: Run up and get close and personal, one shot at close range
is a one hit kill unless they have energy shields. Very well rounded
weapon. Counter with sniper rifles.
- Sniper Rifle: If you can hold a sniper rifle, you can snipe. Sniper
rifles are strong weapons if you have great aim, getting a headshot
each time is a great way to rack up points in a ranked match. Counter
with melee.
- Melee: A great choice to fighting up close, melees instantly take
down shields, so it’s a great finisher when you’re fighting up close
with an assault rifle. Also great for snipers since they are usually
scoped, so they can’t look at you coming on the radar. Counter with
Energy Swords.
- Energy Sword: Don’t be afraid to be cheap at some points. Especially
if you want the Steppin’ Razor Achievement, which is a triple kill with
a sword. Also great for getting the Overkill achievement. Anwyays, the
instant kill is great, great for taking out people who melee attack.
Useful for any situation. Even snipers. Counter with shotguns.

You may ask me some questions about the odd counter weapons. Some of
them are, well, odd. Others are self explanatory. For example, Snipers
versus Shotguns. This is basically speaking of who has favor. If you’re
far away, then the sniper obviously has favor or, otherwise, the
shotgun would destroy everything. Now I’m not saying that some weapons
won’t counter others since they aren’t listed on the list above. That
was just a brief explanation of it. Here is an explanation of the
previous chart:

Shotgun to Energy Sword: May seem like a hard thing to imagine, but
it’s an almost flawless counter if you know what you’re doing. Since a
Shotgun is a one hit kill at very close range, like energy sword close,
then the killing blow will be easy to get. It will also take an twitchy
trigger finger, as if taken by surprise, you may be killed. So if you
see someone coming towards you with an energy sword, time it right, and
you’ll get yourself a kill, an energy sword, and the medal Bulltrue.

Sniper Rifle to Shotgun: It’s an obvious one. As stated above, I don’t
need to go in depth into this one again, but to put it straight.
Farther range prevails over close range weapons. It’s simply common

Melee to Sniper Rifle: May seem a bit awkward, but it works.
Assassination is more trustworthy than the energy sword, as an energy
sword isn’t a guaranteed kill. But if you manage to find a sniper,
melee him in the back when he doesn’t see you or is scoped, to get your

Energy Sword to Melee: The sword is superior than the punch. Well,
unless taken from behind. Everything wins when taken from behind. But
anyways, if confronted by an enemy with an energy sword, do not try and
melee him unless you’re a crazy daredevil. Try to maintain distance
unless he lunges. Then hit him with a shotgun, or attempt to melee him
when you know his shields are down. I have been hit with melee a few
times when I had an energy sword.

For a added bonus, here are some of the achievements related to killing
within Xbox Live. I’ve kept these to the free-for-all only play list:

Triple Kill (5): Get a triple kill in a ranked free-for-all game.
Fairly simple. Even though I didn’t get it this way, I find it easiest
to get this in a Swords game. As kills can accumulate fast if you’re
come in at the right time.

Steppin’ Razor (5): Get a triple kill with an energy sword in a ranked
free-for-all game. See triple kill for this one.

Overkill (5): Get an overkill in a ranked free-for-all game. See triple
kill for this one, but score four kills instead of three.

Up Close and Personal (5): Score 5 beat downs in a ranked free-for-all
game. Fairly easy. Run at the opponent and then when close enough, hit
B. Shouldn’t take too long to get.

Lee R. Wilson Memorial (5): Score 5 grenade sticks in a ranked free-
for-all game. A little bit harder. One way to get this is to ignore the
scores and just run up to someone and stick them. As long as you get
the kill, it counts. You don’t need to win, so you can take it easy

Killing Frenzy (5): Get 10 kills in a row without dying in a ranked
free-for-all game. I have not gotten this one. But you could be a
camper and or snipe. If you want to be brave, you could try and use the
energy sword, but I would think sniping would be easier to pull off.